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Carpet One Floor & Home is your go-to retailer for commercial carpet. With commercial carpet in many patterns, colors, and shapes, we can help you decide which carpet will be best for your business, no matter what type of business it is.  We specialize in completing commercial projects as smoothly as possible, and with our experience, we know you’ll be satisfied. 

commercial carpet

About Commercial Carpeting 

What makes commercial carpet different from residential carpet? Commercial spaces have to be able to handle many people walking, having accidents, and the added wear and tear that comes with a lot of people in one area. Unlike residential floors that generally have from one to eight people waking on them daily, commercial floors are exposed to hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of footsteps a day. Flooring in commercial spaces must be sturdy enough to handle these steps. Commercial flooring should also add style to the business place, where people feel like it benefits the overall look and feel. 

In busy commercial spaces, it can be tough to find the ideal carpet. We recommend dark, patterned carpets because they tend to hide stains and wear better. Think about it, non-patterned carpets that suddenly have an orange spot stain in the center are going to be noticeable. Instead, opt for a dense pattern that hides the accidental orange spot well. 

Along with the patterns commercial carpet is constructed in, it is also more durable than residential carpet. Commercial carpets are more wear and stain resistant than residential carpets because they have to be able to last a long time. It is still equally as necessary to keep these carpets clean by sweeping up dirt every day and cleaning up spills when they happen. After all, a clean business makes a good impression on customers!  


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