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Not every home is made with the same dimensions, and not all rooms are created to be equal. So why do you find yourself staring at the same rectangle pre-made rugs? Carpet One Floor & Home is here to change the way you look for a new area rug. We know all of our customers’ homes are different, which is why we offer custom area rug cutting!  Made in all kinds of shapes and sizes, custom rugs are designed to your exact specifications every time without exception. Custom rugs are not reserved for millionaires who live in mansions; they could actually save you the cost of needing to purchase several floor coverings for one area of your home. We house a whole gallery of rugs on stock to be taken home same-day. We also do custom cuts out of almost any brand of fiber type imaginable!


Why Would You Need A Custom Area Rug?


Not everyone has the same reason for needing a custom area rug. Maybe the walls of your rooms are angled or curved and a rectangular or circular rug just won’t fit right. A rug that is too small is just as awkward as a rug that is too big. It can make a room feel empty, or drown it entirely. Luckily, a custom rug is guaranteed to fill the space without becoming overwhelming.



There is also the possibility of obstacles being in the way. For example, fireplaces typically have hearths that expand out from the walls a couple feet. A square or rectangular rug will create a gap that would be strange and difficult to look at. Designing a custom rug around an obstacle can help to fill your room and not leave any weird gaps. 



If you are in the market for a new area rug, stop by one of our showrooms in Latham or Clifton Park to learn more!



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