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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile


Vinyl has made a comeback over the years and transformed into a luxury product that gorgeously mimics natural floors and is amazingly resilient. Luxury vinyl comes in plank and tile formats that can look just like tile or traditional hardwood. If you’re considering installing a new floor and want to use tile, consider using luxury vinyl tile as a cheaper, softer, and highly durable alternative to real tile. The experienced staff at Carpet One Floor & Home can walk you through the benefits of using luxury vinyl tile and help you find the right product for your next flooring project. 


Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Luxury vinyl tiles have several significant advantages over natural tile. First, luxury vinyl is now designed using 3D printing methods that provide it with an incredibly realistic look and texture so that many of today’s consumers can’t actually distinguish it from natural floors. Aside from looking genuine, LVT has one of the thickest wear layers in the industry, meaning it’s incredibly scratch, scuff, and stain-resistant. It also comes in both water-resistant and waterproof options, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and other moisture-prone areas. 


Additionally, LVT has a layered construction that makes it incredibly sturdy, even when it’s exposed to heavy foot traffic. The layers include a cushioned core that adds padding and warmth underfoot. This is compared to natural tile, which is typically hard and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. Unlike real tile, it won’t chip or crack if something falls on it, and it also won’t break falling objects as easily. Luxury vinyl is also generally much easier to install than natural tile. It can even be put in as a floating floor that can be walked on the same day. 

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