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Our Experts

At Carpet One Floor & Home, our people are a crucial part of our success. We strive to provide the best experience for you and your project from start to finish, and our experts focus on all of the details. You can trust us to finish your project, all while keeping your happiness at the top of our list.


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Tony Wright - Latham


After a short career in insurance sales and some work at three other flooring companies, Tony Wright joined Carpet One with the determination to succeed. Here at Carpet One, Tony does in-home measurements and estimates, always trying to help clients choose the best product for their style and needs. Tony holds a Fast Start Certificate from Carpet One, which helps him educate others on the products we sell.

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Laura Cardinal - Latham


Laura has a passion for sales and helping others, so after twenty years of being self-employed, she decided to join the Carpet One team. One of the things that drew her here was the family-owned atmosphere, where she now enjoys feeling like a part of the family. After three years, Laura has become one of the top salespeople, and she was recently chosen to be on the National Flooring Council. As part of her determination to find flooring solutions for clients, she has become a 5 Diamond Certified Floor & Home Consultant.

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Jeremiah Garbo - Latham


Jeremiah worked on installing and refinishing floors for ten years. He decided to stay in the industry and do sales, and today, he has over twenty years of experience in the flooring industry and is happy he made the change to sales. Jeremiah enjoys the family environment at Carpet One and loves the opportunity to learn more about new products. By keeping up with new technology, he can provide the best solutions for your home. One of his favorite things about being in sales is visualizing your project from the beginning and seeing it transform into the end result.

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Chris Taylor - Latham


Chris began working in the flooring industry at only fifteen years old, where he worked nights and weekends on commercial job sites. As time went on, Chris only grew fonder of the industry. He now has over twenty-five years of experience in the flooring world, where he has spent time in installation, sales, administration, warehousing, customer service, marketing, merchandising, and management. Today, Chris is a second generation owner and general manager, where he focuses on leading his team, setting the procedures needed to ensure success, and providing a superior customer experience.

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Rocco Sciocchetti - Clifton Park


Rocco has been in the flooring business for many years, originally owning and running his own flooring and installations. As a Certified Sales & Installation Consultant, Rocco knows what it takes to install a project successfully from start to finish. He takes pride in helping clients update their home, getting just as excited to see the transformation from old to new. He helps clients by getting a visual understanding and working with them to find solutions to the problems they deal with most.

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Jessica Sauter - Clifton Park


Jessica has been in the flooring and rug business for over twenty years. She is a second generation owner who continues the work of her father and uncle at Carpet One. In her role at Carpet One, Jessica focuses heavily on the experience a client has from start to finish. From your first phone call to your installation, she will be with you every step of the way. Jessica’s specialty is interior design, where she offers free in-home design consultations. She can help you choose the best colors, styles, and textures for your home based on what draws your eye, and can even work with your contractor, builder, or designer to make your dreams come true.

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Jane Clow - Clifton Park


Jane has over nineteen years of experience working in the home design industry, where she has received many awards for home design and sales. At Carpet One, she is a kitchen and bathroom designer where she helps clients create a space that is unique to their personality and home. Jane enjoys designing kitchens and bathrooms because she believes they set the mood for the rest of the house, and they’re incredibly customizable. Jane loves visiting clients when a project is complete, seeing the work come together, and the client’s happiness that will bring them joy over many years.

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Robert Chiocchio - Clifton Park


Robert has been in the flooring industry for over thirty-five years, initially starting as an installation apprentice. Over the years, Robert has been involved in many facets of the business, including installation, sales, and management. All of the experience Robert has gained over time has proven helpful, as he can provide education and advice for almost any project. In addition, Robert is a Certified Flooring Consultant through Carpet One, focusing heavily on customer solutions.

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Bryan Bruce - Albany


Bryan Bruce began his career in the home furnishings industry over thirty years ago. After learning the skills and gaining the experience he needed to manage the warehouse logistics, he was ready for a career change. Today, Bryan has been with Carpet One for seven years and continues to display the determination necessary to get the job done correctly while making customers happy.

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Nicole Miltenberg - Albany


Nicole started her career at Carpet One four years ago, where she was happy to take the opportunity to learn about a new industry. Today, her primary responsibilities include processing customer orders and coordinating with the installation department to help schedule installations. Nicole also helps solve problems that may arise after installation.

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Tamela Voight - Albany


Tamela began her career in management and has always kept a heavy focus on communication and client assistance. She continues to concentrate on communication and client assistance when it comes to her position at Carpet One, where she works hand in hand with every department. From working with sales to warehouse staff, back office support, and installation crews, Tamela aims to make every project run smoothly. She also has the pleasure of working directly with clients, scheduling every job, assisting with questions, and following up once the project is complete.

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Greg Taylor - Albany


Greg joined the flooring industry and his family business after receiving a business and accounting degree from Siena college. From flooring to finance, Greg now has an extremely well rounded approach to managing both the daily business operations and the customer renovation projects. He now has over twenty years of experience in the flooring world, and has recently taken the reigns as a second generation owner in the business. Greg’s ongoing goal is to provide an outstanding finished product to each and every customer.

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Jenni Stanton - Store Operations Manager


Jenni comes to Carpet One with over 25 years of management and customer service experience. Her true love has always been in the food industry where she was able to own her own café in Central New York. After closing her café, she found a new love for real estate, home design and furnishings. She is very happy to be a part of the Carpet One and to be able to help with anything from design advice for our customers to supporting our store teams with operational tasks.


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