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Tile in New York

Tile in New York

Tile is sturdy, sustainable, and stylish, making it a beautiful addition to all types of settings. It’s a resilient and easy-clean floor, as well as an enduring way to adorn your walls.

At Carpet One Floor & Home of Latham and Clifton Park, NY, we have a stunning array of tile flooring and products: something to please every taste. If you’re considering tile flooring for your next renovation project, here’s what you ought to know.


What Types of Tiles Are There?

Which tile will work best for your home or business? Most tile products are made using ceramic, porcelain, or stone.

Made from slabs of organic clay, porcelain, and ceramic tile lend artisan touches, whether glazed or left natural.

  • Stone tiles are another favorite, carved from natural minerals like granite, slate, or marble. They’re ideal for outdoor fire pits, patios, pool areas, and walkways.
  • Ceramic tile is one of the reigning favorites for shower areas. It’s easy to customize and colorful, yet efficient and affordable. Ceramic tile is also our top choice for an accent wall or backsplash installation.
  • Porcelain tiles are another shower favorite. Renowned for its formidable water resistance, porcelain can be found in a wide range of trendy colors and textures.

There are even tiles made to capture the textures of leather, fabric, and hardwood.


Where Can I Install Tile?

If chosen with care, tile flooring can be added to any indoor or outdoor space.

Tile is inherently moisture-resistant: most are 100% waterproof. This means tile can be used everywhere, even:

  • Patios
  • Pool Areas
  • Spas
  • Bathrooms
  • Backsplashes
  • Accent Walls


Tile for Your Walls

If your walls fail to “wow,” it’s time to consider tile.

Always creative and ever-enduring, a tile backsplash can be customized for your home’s most vulnerable spots. When new cabinets and appliances aren’t always within reach, a tile backsplash is an affordable way to reinvent your kitchen or bathroom.

Tile backsplashes add incredible visuals and texture. They’re incredibly efficient at protecting the vulnerable spots above your kitchen range, around sinks, and around your shower or tub. They’re also easy to clean.

Whether you want to follow a pattern that is square, rectangular, or round, tile gives you the opportunity to show off your creativity. 


Tile for Your Kitchen & Bath

Tile is a highly preferred floor type because of its ability to resist moisture.

Tile is the perfect floor for the bathroom, as well as most kitchens. A tile floor stands up well to traffic. It does not get scuffed or scratched easily. Accidents will happen, but your tile floor won’t dent or absorb stains quickly.

Keeping the tile floor clean is easy, sweep up to prevent dust from settling into the cracks, and mop occasionally to ensure the tile continues to shine for years to come.


Tile Trends

We’re always a few steps ahead of the latest tile trends, including:

  • White tile
  • Warm tones
  • Rustic textures
  • Vintage looks
  • Wood-inspired designs


Discover Our Tile Collection

At Carpet One Floor & Home, we share our purchasing power with over a thousand stores around the continent. You’ll enjoy an incredible selection, with localized services and constant value. We can even install your new tile, redesign your bathroom and shower, and add a completely new face to your space.

Our tile inventory is always expanding and includes all the best tile brands. Please visit one of our two local showrooms soon to check out tile displays to find out more or shop our tile online today. 


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Tile Maintenance

Tile is one of the easier floors to take care of and maintain. Tile is a durable product, and easy to clean. Simply regularly sweep or vacuum the surface to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.